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Speed Weekend på!

Mar 9
Jukka Heikkinen sends in some shots of Swedish fun from the end of February. It is called the “Orsa Speedweekend” and is something like Salt Lake racing-sprinting with ice in stead of salt… Anything with an overdose of power and speed will participate. Lots of modern stuff from the ‘Hayabusa’ generation, but in between attractive classic machinery with any tuning method you like.
Most certainly not for the purists with jet powered Countach replicas, pulse-jet Harleys and more. Rather boyish but heaps of fun without any doubt. The real stuff for tough guys – and tough girls by the way – start coming weekend a few hundred miles more up north in Norway, with the toughest dogsledrace of Europe. ‘Only’ 500 km for the newbies and 1000 km for the real insiders. Have a peek at the route of Finnmarkslopet.

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