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Long distance traveling from Egypt

Feb 14

Long distance traveling from Egypt In a land far away from ice, Aly Maverick comes and plans to drive all the way to Speed Weekend February 24-25. We’re curious as to how Maverick comes all the way to Sweden?

-About me my real name is Aly, Maverick is my call sign, I am retired Police Officer in special forces and VIP close protection. I am running my own company called Maverick Racing, specialized in building and turning motorcycles for drag races and selling spare parts.

I am Egyptian, and now I live in Poland, and racing in different EU countries, I did few records here in Poland in 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile, I am the first one in Poland who broke the record of 9.475 sec . In 1/4 mile in 2018, also I won the title of King of Poland in 2019 and Grand Prix of Poland in 2021, all of it with my naturally aspirated Gen 2 Hayabusa My bike now is Hayabusa Turbo with 320 HP build and tuning by me. My Goal is to break Paweł Rataj record (By the way he is my best friend in Poland we you can consider us as brothers) and I be the new the world record holder.


We wish you luck with the world record attempt on the ice and the long journey